Brightening Our Carport With A Solar Powered Outdoor Light

Brightening Our Carport With A Solar Powered Outdoor Light

After selling our second house in the UK and moving into a rented property in New Zealand, we set about updating the inside of the house as well as the garden. There is still some work we would like to do with the car port area, however it really needed a light to brighten the area at night, hence I was delighted when Deelat reached out to me earlier in the year and asked if I would like to try one of their solar powered outdoor lights.

The light we got was a motion sensor light that can be fixed on a wall – great for lighting entranceways/doorways. The light arrived within a week from Deelat’s Australian warehouse (fast delivery considering we live in rural NZ!) and it was packaged securely. We fixed it onto the top/side of our carport so that it would light the way from our car to our house door at night, and so that the solar panel on the top could still see the sun.

Solar Light on Carport

Solar Light on Carport

We have had the light installed for a couple of months now and it has stood up to the harsh New Zealand winter/spring weather (it is made from sturdy aluminium) and we have been very impressed with how bright the LED’s are. The light has 700 lumens of power – the same as a car headlight (on low beam), really quite impressive.

Motion lights I have had in the past have all been very sensitive and have lit up with only a leaf blowing past, therefore I was little concerned that this may be the case with this light, however this doesn’t seem to be the case. It will light up when we drive the car in the carport, or when we (or the dog) walk towards the light, but little movements dont set it off which is good (i.e leaves blowing past).

Once we have finished the further landscaping on the garden, I will get some solar paths lights as well, perhaps like these.

Have you installed outdoor solar lights? What do you think of them?


  1. Lights with movement sensors are an excellent idea. More homes should have them. They are definitely a burglar deterent

  2. This is so amazing! is this only doable with LED lights?

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