Loft Room – A Transformation

Loft Room – A Transformation


This photo was taken the day that we viewed the property. The plaster on the ceiling was collapsing and had been patched in places and the window (although not in this photo) was rotten and could not be opened.

Loft room


The photo below is taken looking in the same direction as the above photo and is after Ben had taken the ceiling down – the amount of black soot was ridiculous and we both looked like chimney sweeps as we cleared the debris up. We shoveled the wooden battens, old plaster and soot into buckets, carried it down two flights of stairs and into the skip.

Loft room looking toward the front of the house

The photo below is taken after the ceiling had been taken down and is looking toward the window/door at the back of the house.

Loft room

The photo below shows the room after the debris had been cleared, although this room was the last to be completed so it was used as a storage room for building materials and other general bits.

Loft room

The photos below are taken as the insulation and sound proof board were installed.

DSC_0003 (Medium)

DSC_0001 (Medium)

Late nights building were powered by Stella…

DSC_0012 (Medium)

DSC_0006 (Medium)

The loft was then plastered and you will notice we put some clear blocks in the walls next to the door so that it allowed a little light into the stairwell (and looked awesome).

DSC_0231 (Medium)

DSC_0230 (Medium)

The below photos are taken once I had sealed the plaster with paint and scrubbed the floors clean.

DSC_0296 (Medium)

DSC_0298 (Medium)


The photos below show the finished loft room.

The ceiling is painted Matt White, the walls Silk Ivory – with the exception of the two walls next to the door; one is painted a chalky matt green colour (now discontinued), and the other is painted Silk Nickel (all by Wickes).

The door is waxed with Jacobean dark oak coloured beeswax.  We sanded the wooden beams and finished them with danish oil.

Loft Room Finished

Loft Room Finished


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